Happy Cat - Ente 成貓鴨肉無麩質配方(有穀物) 1.4kgHappy Cat - Grainfree Junior Ente幼貓無穀物鴨肉配方 4kg

Happy Cat - Ente 成貓鴨肉無麩質配方(有穀物) 4kg

Happy Cat - Ente 成貓鴨肉無麩質配方(有穀物) 4kg

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具有革命性的“All In One”概念,適合皮膚及腸胃敏感的貓咪,易於消化,單一蛋白,無穀物,採用有機養殖鴨。
Happy Cat 無穀物鴨肉配方從最原始的獨家食材烹製而成。優質的鴨肉,加上香蕉和無花果而且不含任何穀物成份,只有15%的脂肪可以幫助你的貓保持理想的體重,適合任何品種的貓隻。


鴨蛋白,大米粉,大米蛋白,家禽脂肪,馬鈴薯片,水解肝,纖維素,向日葵油,甜菜漿,油菜籽油,氯化鈉,海藻,亞麻子,絲蘭,菊苣根, 麝香,甘菊,芫荽,迷迭香,鼠尾草,草莓,百里香,枸杞子



Complete food for all adult cats.

All in One is a novel nutritional concept for cats, appropriate for all lifestages. The formula is characterised by the following features: hairball control, taurine and plenty of animal protein, pH control for urinary tract health, tooth care, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and haircoat, together with our guarantee of a very special taste experience and the unique Happy Cat Natural Life Concept®. Happy Cat Sensitive Duck contains a single source of animal protein: top quality duck. Exclusive ingredients such as digestible rice and potatoes, gently pamper your delicate, feline friend — and of course it is gluten-free.


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