Pet Pack Himalaya cheese(S)30gPet Pack Kangaroo tendons 袋鼠筋 70g

Pet Pack Kangaroo Jerky 袋鼠肉乾 80g

Pet Pack Kangaroo Jerky 袋鼠肉乾 80g

每件售價 (piece): $78

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Kangaroo Meat is the lowest fat meats but high in protein, high in minerals and vitamins. Kangaroo is considered a “cooling” meat, as it lives in a very dry and arid environment, and as such, is ideal for treating pets with food allergies. Because kangaroo is not farmed, the meat is truly free range, and organic. Kangaroo meats could well be the highest known source of the healthy fat CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).


袋鼠肉是所有肉類中脂肪含量最低,高蛋白質, 維他命及礦物質的營養食品。澳洲的袋鼠不僅是野生,而且生活在乾燥乾旱的環境,因此真正有機及天然,肉質更適合容易食物敏感的狗隻。同時,含有高共軛亞麻油酸(CLA),有助提高免疫力及減低肥胖的發生率。




100% Kangaroo Jerky



Crude Protein (mins.) 85%

Crude Fat (max.) 2.5%

Crude Fiber (max.) 0.5%

Moisture (max.) 9.3%



100% 袋鼠肉乾



蛋白質 85.0%

脂肪 2.5%

纖維 0.5%

水份 9.3%